Should You Buy Your Next Pair of Eyeglasses on the Internet?

It is the norm in the current world for people to shop almost anything online, however, when it comes to a pair of glasses it is recommendable to buy in person. Maybe you are wondering why should I not buy my next pair of glasses online yet I will get a significant discount, well, the problem that accompanies the eyeglasses that you buy online outweighs the discount that you will get for buying the glasses online, and that why.

Almost all eye wear stores have a qualified optician who helps you make an informed decision, however, when buying eye glasses online chances of you making the wrong decision is higher since you lack an optician to give you the professional advice.

Remember everyone has a unique head and eye shape which means for the eye glasses to properly fit you, you have to fit them first. At times it is tricky to balance fit and comfort, in that you don’t want to wear eye glasses that do not fit you well and at the same time you don’t want to sacrifice your comfort where the eye glasses are too tight. Sun glasses with tight frames usually cause a headache as a result of the pressure while those with wide frames keep falling off your nose bridge. The advice that you get on an online optical site is just a fraction when compared to one that you get on a one on one consultation with an expert in n eye wear stores.

The other reason why you should not buy eyeglasses online is that you won’t have the opportunity to accurately measure the Pupillary Distance Measurement. Before an optical center gives you eye glasses they measure the distance between your PD. Some people say it is possible to measure the distance between the pupils by themselves but the truth is the exercise is somehow complicated, remember without the measurement, it will be hard to know how the eyeglass lenses should be aligned on the frame.

Most of the online website which sells eyeglasses do not provide warranty, this is because they sell the eyeglasses at a low price which means they are not capable of covering repair or replace the eyeglasses in case of a defect. Most eye wear stores if not all provide a guarantee of all the eyeglasses that they sell, in that, they replace or work closely with you if you feel that the eyeglasses are not comfortable or do not meet your expectation.

Personal experience is another reason why should not buy eyeglasses online, arguably one of the most important reason. The personal experience obtained by shopping on an eye wear store can never be obtained when shopping on the internet. Remember when you deal with one optician for a given period of time, he is able to understand what works for and what doesn’t since you have the time and the avenue to have a lengthy conversation. An optician is like your personal doctor who you consult anytime you feel ill and that why shopping for eyeglasses online will not give you the personal experience that you want or deserve.

Just like the accuracy of the lens, the quality of an eyeglass cannot be determined when purchasing online. Always remember there is a reason why the eyeglasses sold online are sold at a low price, most of the sunglasses are usually not inspected or approved by the state. Remember for these sites to survive and stay in business, they have to produce in masses. Which means the eyeglasses are not customized so as to suit your specific eye needs.

The other reason why online eyeglass market has been taken off completely is because of the accuracy of the eyeglasses. First, you need to understand that there is a different prescription for different eye patient and there is a way to obtain the prescription and that why online shopping cannot work in this case. The optometrist or the ophthalmologist prescribes the eyeglasses just like any other medical prescription and that why it is not advisable to let a non-licensed worker give that prescription. What happens in most of these online sites that sell eyeglasses is that they only insist on taking the pupillary measurement which they usually use to prescribe eyeglasses, however, they do not take time examine the measurements, in fact, the measurement can only be examined by a qualified optometrist or ophthalmologist. In case the pupillary measurements are not examined correctly and carefully, they will certainly affect the quality of vision which will as a result of the wrong prescription.

As I conclude, I’m not denying the fact that online shopping is very convenient but when it comes to eyeglasses online shopping increases the probability of you making significant errors. Please visit an optometry office that nears you and I guarantee you will get better eyeglasses than those the one you would have bought online since they not only fit your lifestyle but they also solve your specific problem.

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